All these things were connected, but at the same time, they didn't fit together. They were out of sync. It was like one of those puzzles where you have to slide the little tiles around to make a picture. All the bits are there, but until you get them in the right order you can't see what the picture is supposed to be. So that's what I tried to do -- get the bits in order. As the day wore on I just kept moving all the bits around in my head, trying to fit them together. But, unlike a plastic puzzle, these bits didn't keep still. They kept shifting around and changing shape. I'd work on two or three bits, get them sorted out, fix them together, and then I'd leave them for a while to go off and look at some other bits. But by the time I'd sorted those bits out, the original bits didn't fit anymore. They'd become something else. And then, when I went back to working on them again, the other bits started to change. It was infuriating. I kept at it, though, and by early evening I was pretty sure I'd gotten everything as clear as I was going to get it. It was still a bit shaky, a bit out of focus, but all the bits were in place and I could finally see the whole picture. The only thing was, it was an abstract picture, and no matter how hard I looked I still couldn't work out what it was supposed to be.

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